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We use data from many billions of transactions every year, from billions of Mastercards around the world, and this can give us a very rich view of your shoppers – you are what you spend after all.

This insight gives us a unique position to be able to help you see outside the boundaries of your traditional business intelligence. From benchmarking your performance against a competitive set, to understanding a shopper’s ‘mission’ on the day they shopped with you, down to understanding your share of an internet shopping session. We’re here to help.

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Don’t underestimate the power of the data you already collect. Whether you have a loyalty programme or not, we can work with you to unlock the potential of the wealth of data within a retail business.

5One, a Mastercard company, are experts in providing consultancy, analytics and technology to enable retailers to understand, enhance and measure customer experience. So if you’re looking to drive measurable bottom line results from your data, we’re here to help.

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