Mastercard® Instalment Payment Services

Introducing Mastercard Instalment Payment Services

Offer your cardholders endless opportunities: let them buy what they want, when they want, and how they want

Mastercard Instalment Payment Services lets your cardholders break the cost of big purchases into bite-size monthly chunks. Offer a more personalised solution while always staying in control by choosing which cardholders are offered the instalments service. It’s optional and can be used at any time, from any approved card or device

How it works


Pre-approved access to funds

↓  Cardholder selects “Instalment on next purchase” from the menu

↓  They create an instalment plan

↓  Plan is calculated

↓ They review and confirm the plan

↓  Complete transaction in-store

↓  Receive a push notification to confirm instalments (optional for issuer)


→  Want to see how it works? Check it out here

During purchase

When flexibility is invaluable

↓ At POS, or during online checkout, transaction amount is displayed with the option to pay in instalments

↓ Cardholder selects ‘pay in installments’ and chooses how many payments they would like to make

↓ Confirm the fees and the total cost



For better control and payment terms when budgets are tight

↓ Selects a past transaction to convert into instalments

↓ They’re prompted to create an instalment plan

↓ They review and confirm the new instalment plan


→ Want to see how it works? Check it out here

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APIs are popular for a reason

APIs create a smooth integration process with your existing digital solutions and they help to create a better experience for your cardholders – before, during or after purchase

Deliver real time calculation with our powerful and flexible calculation engine

Embedded in our network, our calculation engine gives your cardholders an instalments calculation at the terminal or during online checkout. Plus, with flexible fee calculations, the fee can be added before or after APR is calculated

Mastercard Instalment Payment Services at a glance 

Cardholders select their instalment plan and make their purchase. Our Mastercard Instalments Platform enables a smooth transaction approval and leaves your cardholders happy