Managing a government organisation is challenging

Government Procurement Card

Mastercard is the leading solution for all suppliers to the Crown Commercial Service's ePurchasing Card Solution framework.  The framework is available to all public sector bodies in the UK.

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Purchase & Pay

Purchase & Pay is a dynamic end-to-end procurement solution that lets you pay for products and services online in a secure cloud environment. It can be fully integrated with your finance and procurement systems, enabling transaction transparency and delivering process efficiency.

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Manage operations

With a powerful suite of reporting, analysis and compliance tools, Mastercard Smart Data delivers deep insights into spending, which can help you gain greater control over expenses and lower administrative costs. You may also realize savings through better vendor management and pricing. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Access detailed cardholder spending activity reports
  • Easily integrate into existing systems, with no proprietary software
  • Gain added reporting capabilities, supplier acceptance, and data capture
  • Support diverse expense management needs
  • Avoid extensive and costly software upgrades