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Mastercard is a long-standing sponsor of the
UEFA Champions League

The most prestigious competition in European club football - the tournament features the 32 best teams in Europe and runs from September, building to the 2018 Final in Kiev on May 26th. Mastercard is passionate about bringing you closer to all the madness or Priceless moments of football through its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League.

22 real people. 22 languages. 1 football match. Could they overcome their differences?

#Mastercard #StartSomethingPriceless

A match they’ll never forget: Priceless®

So far this season we've given away hundreds of priceless mascot experiences to UK UEFA Champions League matches. This season’s UEFA Champions League Knockout Stage is now closed but make sure you check for any Priceless Mascot news!

A match they’ll never forget: Priceless

See #MadnessOrPriceless in action

Two rivals in one t-shirt for a UEFA Champions League game.

Gianluigi Buffon gives these young fans a Priceless Surprise.

See what we’ve built to celebrate women’s football during the UEFA Women's Champions League Final.