Prepaid cards for everyday money

Make Every Day Simpler and More Secure

Use the Mastercard® Everyday Money™ Prepaid Card for all of the things you would normally use cash for. Whether you want to shop, pay bills, or manage your spending more effectively, you'll have a simple, effective, and easier way to use and manage your money.

The Easier Way To Manage Your Money, Every Day

Looking for a home for your money because you don't have a bank account? Does your employer want to pay you via bank transfer? Would you like to keep some of your spending money separate from your current account and credit card?

Mastercard has the answer for you: prepaid cards for everyday money.

From everyday shopping and paying bills and monthly subscriptions, to topping-up a mobile phone or sending money overseas – prepaid cards are the quick and easy solution, for everyone. All you'll need to do to get one is provide proof of your identity and your address when you purchase the Everyday Money Prepaid card. What's even better is no credit checks, and no lengthy application process.

Mastercard Everyday Money and Maestro® Everyday Money™ prepaid cards can be used wherever Mastercard or Maestro cards are accepted - which means millions of retailers locations and ATMs worldwide, and over the internet as well.

*A lost or stolen card can be stopped and the balance transferred to a replacement card. Terms & conditions apply.

Prepaid Cards For Everyday Money Features At-a-glance:

  • No credit check to obtain a card
  • Can be loaded with cash at participating locations, or via bank transfer
  • No line of credit with prepaid cards: so no borrowing and no debt
  • More secure and convenient than either cash or cheques*
  • Internet access to balance, account information, and transaction history
  • Can be used at millions of retailers locations worldwide, at ATMs (cash machines), and over the internet

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