Other Mastercard® Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards can save you time and money.

Access the latest information across five key segments: e-commerce, Youth, Student, Voucher Replacement and Insurance Prepaid Cards. These four segments illustrate the adaptability of each prepaid programme service offering for prospective partners. Download the information sheet below to learn more


E-commerce growth is outpacing any other channel and requires appropriate payment means. A Mastercard Prepaid card for eCommerce can provide issuers, programme managers and merchants with a payment instrument capable of engaging consumers in the new ecosystem.

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With a Mastercard Prepaid Youth Card, younger age groups acquire smart money management skills. The card is safer than cash, contains only limited amounts of money, and can be cancelled if lost or stolen.

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The Mastercard Prepaid Student Card meets the needs of students who require payment solutions that are easily manageable and is ideal for grants, loans, and parental funding.

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Voucher Replacement

A Mastercard Voucher Replacement Prepaid Card is far easier and more convenient to issue and use than traditional paper vouchers, with benefits for both employer and employees.

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The Mastercard Prepaid Insurance Card gives companies a more cost-effective and efficient way to disburse funds for such things as workers’ compensation, or for one-off claims.

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For further information please contact a Mastercard representative. Assets are also available to download on this page.