Commercial Prepaid

Convenience for your business, near and far

Designed to provide a secure, cost-effective alternative to paper checks, Mastercard provides flexible card solutions that cut costs, increase convenience and keep employees happy.


Prepaid Mastercard Payroll Card® products provide a secure, cost-effective alternative to paper paycheques. And with instant access to balance information and available funds, your employees can save time and hassle, too.

Safe, convenient and reloadable, prepaid payroll cards offer an efficient way to pay employees, as well as greater security and balance recovery for lost or stolen cards.

Employee incentives

Mastercard incentive cards provide a useful and innovative way to reward employees for achieving milestones or accomplishing goals.

Insurance disbursement

The Mastercard prepaid insurance card can be used to disburse a wide variety of claims like disability and casualty. Whether it’s to distribute recurring payments like worker’s compensation or pay property claims after a disaster, the Mastercard insurance card gives companies the ability to speed up response times.

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