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NatWest + Mastercard’s Consumer Fraud Risk solution

NatWest protects their customers from financial fraud with Mastercard’s Consumer Fraud Risk solution. Using large scale payments data to detect and predict fraudulent activity, the AI-driven solution reacts in real time to stop funds from leaving accounts. As scams become more pervasive, Mastercard’s Consumer Fraud Risk solution means NatWest customers can transfer money with peace of mind.

ekko + Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition

By being part of Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition, ekko empowers shoppers to make positive decisions for the planet. Mastercard’s reforestation programme help customers restore forests through purchase decisions.

Additionally, through Mastercard’s Carbon Calculator’s personalised tracker, ekko cardholders can see an estimated carbon footprint of each their purchases. So everyday shopping choices can make a lasting difference to the planet.

Smartfreeze + Mastercard’s Strive UK Programme

Smartfreeze is taking its smart food container business to the next level with Mastercard’s Strive UK programme.

Amanda Gordon, Smartfreeze entrepreneur, utilised Strive UK to access a 12-week-long mentorship, which encouraged her to focus on her business plan and long-term goals when setting up her business. Now, Smartfreeze is embarking on its next stage of business growth – raising finance and expanding overseas.

Mastercard's Strive UK programme empowers small business owners across the UK, by connecting them with the right digital technology and skills tailored to their business.

Mastercard + Sparkle Lighting

Mastercard's Strive UK Programme helps small business owners across the UK access mentors, training, funding, and digital tools. It enables entrepreneurs like Thalia to supercharge her digital marketing skills and transform online sales for her business, Sparkle Lighting. Owners can tap in and out of Strive UK resources whenever they please, ensuring the path to success is seamless.

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