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“Diversity and inclusion cannot be a nice-to-have. Rather, it must be expected, not simply accepted. The results of this prioritization are clear — better insights, better decisions and better products that differentiate a company from the competition.”

- Ajay Banga, President and CEO

Diverse people. Diverse awards.

Leading our diversity efforts

At Mastercard, combining our industry expertise with the diverse insights from our global workforce is at the core of our diversity strategy. Our dedication to cultivating an environment for all employees that respects their individual strengths, views and experiences is our foundation. We aim to promote increased engagement, which naturally leads to greater innovation and productivity.

Our Global Diversity Office provides a framework that supports business processes and procedures by considering, integrating and leveraging diversity globally.

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The driving force behind our diversity strategy 

The stature of Mastercard's Global Diversity and Inclusion Council (GDIC) reflects the value the company attaches to diversity. It acts as a board of directors for our Global Diversity Office, providing direction to ensure our strategy is embedded throughout the organisation.

Chaired by our Chief Executive Officer, the GDIC has members drawn from all of the company's business regions: North America; Latin America/Caribbean; Europe; Asia/Pacific; and Middle East and Africa. It meets six to eight times a year to evaluate different programmes, partnerships and other proposals that are presented as potential means of enhancing shareholder value.

Nurturing an inclusive culture 

We leverage the unique strengths, views, and experiences of our employees through our support of Business Resource Groups (BRGs). These self-governed groups are comprised of individuals who come together based on similar interests or experiences, such as gender or ethnicity. BRG members help us to identify business programmes that address the needs of diverse consumers by providing feedback on new ideas and initiatives, partnering with specific organisations, and reaching out to their communities.


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