Respecting and preserving the environment

Environmental Sustainability

We use sustainable business practices around the world and give employees opportunities to practice environmental responsibility.

At Mastercard, we are responsibly managing our overall environmental footprint by focusing on three areas – energy conservation, recycling and pollution control.


  • Complete use of hydroelectric power at our European headquarters, which has significantly reduced our GHG emissions in Europe.
  • Relocation or reconfigurations of our offices to next-generation buildings or practices, including a 20% reduction in energy usage and GHG emissions in our Asia-Pacific offices.
  • Diverted 75% of waste generated in our owned facilities through effective recycling and waste reduction.
  • Achieved 720,000 kW-hrs of energy savings through implementation of energy efficiency projects.


  • Employee-led Environmental Action Teams at nine locations worldwide are working to increase awareness.
  • By encouraging double-sided, black and white printing in our offices, we have reduced the number of pages printed by 33 million since 2009. 
  • In Europe, our efforts to reduce carbon emissions include a bicycle allowance and a company car policy that factors the car's carbon footprint into employees' taxation.
  • At our U.S. headquarters, we provide car charging stations, shuttle bus service and an employee garden with composting and honey bee hives.